Hospitality is about being observant,
being available and
paying attention to each family.
in partnership with the

A typical day with us!

The day is built around respect, pleasure and conviviality. There is no rigid timetable, we take the time to adjust to the group and the child according to their emotional state. Nobody is forced to take part in activities.

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8.30–9.45 am: Staggered welcome for children and families. Rest for the smallest if they need it.
10.00 am: Handwashing, time to come together over a tisane.
10.30–11.30 am: Activities for children (outdoors or indoors).
12.00 noon: Children leave, quiet time, story, quiet music …
12.00 noon –1.30 pm: Meal in the restaurant for the big ones and in the nursery for the little ones.
1.30 –2.00 pm: Welcome for children. Quiet time in the story room, relaxation.
2.00 pm: Rest time in the dormitory.
3.00 pm: Staggered wake-up for the children. Suggestions for activities.
4.15 pm: Tea.
5.00 pm: Children leave.
Activities & walks

We offer various physical outdoor activities for all age groups. We do not make the children do anything they don’t want to do. It’s their holiday and they are free to make their own choices.

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